Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How does a skyscraper melt a car?

How does a skyscraper melt a car? Wow!


"A London skyscraper dubbed the Walkie-Talkie has been blamed for reflecting light which melted parts of a car parked on a nearby street. What happened?"

How DOES a skyscraper melt a car?

"It's like starting a fire with a parabolic mirror.

Fundamentally it's reflection. If a building creates enough of a curve with a series of flat windows, which act like mirrors, the reflections all converge at one point, focusing and concentrating the light,' says Chris Shepherd, from the Institute of Physics.

The half-finished 37-storey "Walkie Talkie"- nicknamed such because of its tapering rectangular design - is indeed a curvy building. Its design, which has also been compared to a brimming pint glass, has provoked controversy before.

It transpires the car, a Jaguar on Eastcheap in the City of London, was parked at just the spot where the focused light landed."

While melting parts of a Jaguar is newsworthy, turns out this overheating phenomenon HAS happened before.  Here's the complete story:
Who, what, why: How does a skyscraper melt a car?

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