Saturday, December 15, 2012

23andMe’s Ancestry Composition Reveals People's Ancestral Origins Going Back 500 Years And More

Ancestry Composition Reveals People's Ancestral Origins

Company introduces the most comprehensive and accurate tool for determining genetic ancestry composition available.

23andMe (humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes) is a genetics company.  One of their new developments is to analyze DNA to identify where your ancestors lived - going back approximately 500 years.


"23andMe, the leading personal genetics company, today announced the availability of Ancestry Composition, a new feature that provides state-of-the-art geographic illustration of an individual’s ancestral origins. Using 22 reference populations, the feature indicates what percent of a person’s ancestry comes from various regions around the world. The analysis includes DNA inherited from all ancestors on both sides of the family. The results reflect where an individual’s ancestors lived going back approximately 500 years.

Ancestry Composition offers state-of-the art detail for people with European ancestry, breaking it out into several regions with the ability to identify distinct ancestral origins, such as: British and Irish, Scandinavian, Italian and Ashkenazi Jewish, among others. It also offers very accurate breakdowns for individuals of mixed ancestry, African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans.
With 23andMe’s exclusive “Chromosome View,” people can see their personal ancestry reflected segment-by-segment on each of their 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Ancestry Composition is the latest innovation from 23andMe to help individuals learn more about their ancestry in an engaging and interactive way. 23andMe continues to offer the popular Relative Finder feature, a powerful way to find and connect with living relatives from all branches of the family tree."

Ancestry Composition sounds like a feature of great importance. The idea of  “Chromosome View”  could be an excellent tool for some to trace their roots.

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