Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grow your own glowing plant

Grow your own glowing plant

The glowing plant Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow with almost half a million dollars in crowdfunded donation. They asked for only $65,000 and received that within the first 2 days. For a donation of $40 they will send you over 50 seeds to grow your own glowing plants.

Glowing Plant
"The Glowing Plants Kickstarter, the first-ever crowdfunded synthetic biology campaign, is winding down into the final hours. Launched on April 23, 2013, the campaign aimed to create a glow-in-the-dark plant while showcasing the technology of synthetic biology.  It also served as a vehicle to introduce two startups in the sector: Genome Compiler Corporation and Cambrian Genomics.

The campaign has been wildly popular, attracting widespread media attention that saw the initial funding target of $65,000 be surpassed in just two days. Had that breakneck pace continued, the campaign would have pulled in about $1 million, but it now looks to finish with about $465,000 — still a remarkable achievement for a bioscience project."

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