Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Push for US Internet 'wiretap' law faces tough road

Push for US Internet 'wiretap' law faces tough road

The FBI is becoming more aggressive to get expanded authority to wiretap our Internet communications such as Gmail, Dropbox, Google Voice, etc.

"The FBI is stepping up its effort to get broader authority to put "wiretaps" on the Internet to catch criminals and terrorists.

But the move is drawing fire from civil liberties groups, technology firms and others who claim the effort could be counterproductive, by harming online security and imposing hefty costs on makers of hardware and software.

US law enforcement has for years complained about the problem of "going dark," or being unable to monitor Internet communications in the same manner as wiretaps, for which officials get a court order to tap into a local phone company.

President Barack Obama said in a May 23 speech his administration is "reviewing the authorities of law enforcement, so we can intercept new types of communication."

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